Top 10 Biggest Mysteries of India

Top 10 Biggest Mysteries of India

India is such a vast and ancient country which is not aware of its many incidents, and when this country is ancient, There are some stories of this that have remained in the puzzle till date and there are some incidents in which science has no answers. I have gathered some information about some such mysterious incidents and circumstances, which have not been answered by science till date. Let us know about some such secrets.

Top 10 Biggest Mysteries of India

10. Kongka Pass

One of the most mysterious areas of the world is The Kongka Pass of Ladakh, here is the secret place of space creatures, and this is why the UFO sightings here are common and the locals also confirm these statements. And in June of 2006, Google's satellite also took some pictures of this place, in which the mysterious UFO is mentioned. But this place is considered the toughest place to visit because it is very snowy and inaccessible and most importantly, it is also the disputed area of ??Indo-China, both countries are keeping eyes on the Kongka pass but they do not patrol there.

9. Is Tajmahal, Tejomahalaya?

This is the most discussed topic among modern historians and has become one of the largest historical mysteries, is actually Taj Mahal in Tejomahalaya? If you believed in the book written by Delhi's professor and historian P.N.Oak, this great building was under the King of Jaipur and when Shah Jahan forced it under his command, it was made in a few modifications and it was given the shape of a tomb and the Historians of independent India, without any thought, took it as a part of history. Apart from this, some other historians have presented some more evidence that in any of the articles there is no mention of the construction of the Taj Mahal and And the Taj Mahal's carbon dating also makes the story different. However, until the government itself comes forward to remove this secret, it will remain a mystery.

8. Prahlad Jani

Prahlad Jani is considered to be the most secretive person in the world and he is considered to be the eighth wonder, and some people are also called superhuman. It is said that Prahlad Jani has not eaten anything since 70 years and he was kept on surveillance for 15 days of the twenty-four hours to check the authenticity of his claim, but in the end everyone was surprised that he Had not even eaten a grain and had no symptoms of any type of disease and weakness. Prahlad Jani attributes this point to his adorable mother goddesses Bhagwati Jagadamba, whose blessings earned him such a state. If Prahlad Jani's thought about this alleged divine power, even then two different things have come to light. According to 'IBN News', when he was 12 years old, three children had put their fingers in his mouth after which he had given up eating and drinking.' While 'Web World' says that 'eleven years' He received knowledge at age, and he renounced the house and started living in the forest. Jani claims that on the basis of divine grace and yoga practice, he lives without food for almost 65 years. While 'Dainik Bhaskar' is telling a different story about this. they claim that 'when he was 17, three mothers had turned their hands on his tongue and blessed them that he would no longer need to eat and drink. Since then, they are living without food. 'Now, keep your mind open to know what is going on here now.

7. Emperor Ashoka's mysterious 9 members organization

Emperor Ashoka's mysterious 9 members organization is also one of India's biggest mysteries, A secret group was built by Emperor Ashoka of India. Emperor Ashoka, the proud character of every Indian who ruled over all Indian subcontinent from 269 BCE to 232 BCE, Emperor Ashoka had created an organization with the most intelligent people of that time, after the Battle of Kalinga. Those who had a wonderful treasure of knowledge and 9 people were preoccupied in their 9 professions. and the real purpose of this institution was to stop this knowledge from going into wrong hands and since Since then, these people have been protecting this knowledge, whose number is always 9. It is said that these people had valuable books like Time Travel, Anti Gravity, Biological Weapons, the ability to convert any object to any other object, which has been protected by these people till date. The secret group of 9 people constructed by Ashoka Emperor, who was dedicated to the protection of the human race, shows the great greatness of Ashoka.

6. Yeti

This is one of the most mysterious creatures of the Himalayas, This is a creature like the ivory or the snowman monkey. It is believed that Nepal, India and Tibet's Himalayan areas are the home of them. From National Geography to Discovery, they have searched for it. Nevertheless, this mystery has not been solved. It is believed that it always lives in dense forests and mountains which some people have seen but surely cannot be said about this today, but some people living in the Himalayas believe in them as if you and any of us do it on a known creature. Some Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh have much such information related to which there is not much faith, But till now the news of the visit is going on.

5. Kuldhara

Kuldhara is notorious as the haunted deserted village, which has deserted since 1800. This is said to be a curse that will never end. It is said that people living here had disappeared in a single night, after which it has never settled down.
This village which has now been transformed into ruins was established in 1291 by the Paliwal Brahmins, which was a very prosperous caste and also famous for its trade and cultivation. It is said that in one night of 1825, all the people of Kuldhara and around 83 villages suddenly disappeared without any reason and since then it has remained a mystery which has not been resolved till date.According to some stories, the destruction of this village was due to Salim Singh, Minister of State of Jaisalmer. Salim Singh, who used to be a minister of Jaisalmer, who treated very strictly on the village, for this reason, all the villagers got disturbed and left the village overnight and also went on cursing along with the curse, so this is also called a cursed village. This village is still called a haunted village, but now Rajasthan Government has given it the status of a tourist place, due to this, there are now thousands and thousands of tourists visiting the country and abroad.

4.Magnetic Hill

This list has again another mystery of the Himalaya region, which is a mystery that everybody can experience and this is the 'magnetic hill' located in Ladakh in the Himalayas. It is said that the magnetic effect of this area is so much, that if you park a car in neutral, it starts moving quickly and the locals are not even aware of it, they also tell a lot about it. This incident has also been felt by airplanes passing over that hill. Many airplane pilots passing through this hill believe that whenever they pass through here, they also feel a lot of shocks due to the power of gravity of this hill. That is why they speed up the speed of their airplanes so that the magnetic vibrations of this 'magnetic hill' can be avoided.

Well, many scientists have tested this place well and they say that this strange is not something else but the magnetic hill has the immensely powerful magnetic power and anyone can easily test this.

3. The mysterious explosion of Jodhpur

On 18th December 2012, there was an incident in Jodhpur which has not been resolved till date and the scientists of the whole world are also surprised. Local people say that on December 18, suddenly they heard the sound of a very big and horrific explosion, listening to it felt as if a large plane had exploded in the air, they were scared to hear the blast but later found out that There has been no plane crash or an explosion and there was no news of any damage.

2. Pillars of Ashoka

In Delhi, near the Qutub Minar, the "Pillars of Ashoka" stands with a dignity of the years and it has not even been rusty on this day. Many scientists of many countries have studied it many times but till date no one knows the secret and it is astonishing that after thousands of years ago in India there was really such advanced technology that could make such metals and The way this pillar has been established for demonstration, it is known that in fact, ancient Indians were far ahead of modern science and because of this pillars ' This principle also got strength. If you ask the frustrated intellectuals of this country about this, they will start to peep.

1. Aeroplane

In many ancient books of India, the planes are mentioned and in these texts, they are explained in detail, in which it is speculated that Indians already had knowledge of planes which had disappeared somewhere in the dust of time. There are detailed descriptions of the planes in the scriptures of Rishi Bhardwaj written hundreds of years ago, and in the West, deep research is being done on this text, but there is a mystery that before the Wright Brothers, an Indian made an aircraft Success was achieved. If you believe in historical facts, eight years ago, Shivakar Bapuji Talpade of Maharashtra had made an aircraft, which he had displayed in front of the masses, but due to lack of funds, he could not succeed in it, and his Even modern disorderly intellectuals did not give the proper place to the great inventions